Alternate Names

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.24.42 pmButton Renaming

Buttons can be renamed using the context menu (right-click on the button) or en masse using the Batch Rename feature.

Settings File

This feature works off of a CSV file located in ~/Documents/StudioCode User Data/code_window/ batch_rename.csv. The csv file is a simple mapping table that can be created in Excel, Numbers or any plain text editor. In a plain text editor the file looks like this:

,Sales Team

player01,James Smith

player02,Elliot Hodge

player03,Chris Roy

NOTE – If your names have quotes or commas you will need to place quotes (or double quotes) around all names that are separated by the commas. I would recommend keeping the names free of punctuation. Keep it simple.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.00.59 pm
Let’s look at the first row in the example above. The first column is ignored, this can have any text you like. I have left it blank. The next column is the Group name for the column. Groups are used to organize sets of names. In this case, I have used “Retail Stores”, so this will be the group name that appears in Studiocode.

The second row and all following rows are where the “mapping” takes place. The first column is the button ID, the second column is the name that relates to the ID. This can be extended to include multiple groups for a button also. The names.csv can look like this too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.00.46 pm


Single Button Rename

A button can be renamed by right clicking on the button and if that buttons ID exists within the

Alternate Names tab or in a properly formatted .csv file, the context menu will have an item called “Rename”. The “Rename” menu item will contain the alternate names from all groups. Select the name from the list and the button will be renamed.

Multiple Button Rename

To rename a group of buttons, click on the “Batch Rename” and a popup sheet will appear and ask which group you want to use for the rename operation. Select the group and it will show you the buttons that will be renamed.

The CSV file is cached after the first time you use this feature. If you want to reload the CSV file from the disk, hold down OPTION when clicking on the “Batch Rename” button. This is handy when you are testing or adding items to the CSV file as you go.



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