Code Mode

Fig 23e

Code Mode will insert instances at the position of the playhead on the timeline. When a code button is clicked to start marking an instance, the instance will start at the playhead if no lead time is set for the button.

After the movie is captured and available in a timeline, coding can be done by dragging the playhead to any location or using the movie controls such as fast forward, even the playback speed can be set faster in the floating toolbar.

During capture, this can be used to code behind the capturing movie, a great option for live coding. Instances can be coded very accurately and precisely. There is a small time gap between the capture and the timeline movie that cannot be coded during capture.

Coding Instances

a. From a movie already linked to a Timeline

Open a code window and movie linked to a timeline, then press the Code mode button and the movie will play. When you see an event in your movie that you want to code, click on the relevant code button or use your preset hot key. The button highlights while it is actively marking and, (unless a lag time has been specified for the button,) it will need to be clicked again for it to mark the end of the Instance. It will have a red frame if it was the last button closed.

Fig 37                                                                                          Fig 37a

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 7.32.09 am                                                  Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 7.31.47 am

If the button has been customized with a specified lag time, you will see a grey bar fill the button until the lag time runs out.


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 7.34.59 am

Note : the video must be playing in order for the grey bar to activate. ie. If you are coding with the movie paused, and click on a button with a lag function, you will not get the grey bar.

b. From a movie not linked to a Timeline

Open a new Timeline , File > New > Timeline
Select the movie file you wish to code/link to the Timeline – Click Open
Answer “YES” to question “Do you wish to place the movie inside a movie package?”

Proceed per (a) above.

Stop Coding

To stop coding your movie, (halt Code mode,) click on the Edit Button in the Code Window Toolbar. This will also stop the movie.

Pause / Restart Coding

To pause the coding (and pause the movie,) of the Timeline and then to restart the coding press the Space bar on the keyboard.



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