Organizing Rows and Columns

The code matrix can be easily customized to display specific in depth analysis. Rows and columns can be deleted or added, labels can be put together using boolean operators: and, or, or not. After customizing a code matrix, it can be saved and opened at another time to use on another timeline.

Organizing Rows and Columns

Move rows or columns by clicking on the name and dragging to a new location. Standard cut, copy and paste functions can be used, so you can select a column, press COMMAND+X to cut, select the column to paste after, then press COMMAND+V to paste.

Swapping Axis

Fig 90dThe matrix view can be swapped, so the columns and rows switch axis. By default labels are displayed in the columns and timeline rows in the rows of the matrix. By clicking on the Swap Axis button in the matrix tool bar, the labels will become the rows of the matrix and the timeline rows will become the columns.

Sorting Columns and Rows

Fig 90eColumns and rows can be sorted by ascending and descending names. Click on the Sort button in the matrix toolbar and select to sort by labels, groups or rows. Choosing ascending will sort alphabetically A to Z, descending will sort Z to A. Since rows have color, they can be sorted by color ascending and descending as well. See the Sort Code Rows section of this manual for an explanation of how the color sorting works.

Removing Columns and Rows

Fig 90CAny row or column can be removed from the matrix view by selecting it and pressing the remove button on the matrix toolbar or pressing the DELETE key on the keyboard. The row or column can also be removed be right clicking on the name of the row or column and selecting remove from the drop down menu.

Adding Columns and Rows

Fig 90bAfter removing a column or row, you may want to add it again. Add a label by doing the following:

  •  Deselect all columns and rows by clicking in a cell or in an empty area around the matrix.
  •  Click on the Add button in the matrix toolbar, this will reveal a menu to select the label or row to add.
  •  Select the column or row to add. It will be added at the end of the columns or rows.Note: If a column is selected when you are adding, a combination will result, see the “Combining Labels” section on page 141
Duplicating Columns

Columns can be duplicated by holding down OPTION and clicking and dragging on the column name, then drop into desired position. Another way to duplicate is to right click on the column and choose duplicate from the menu. Also, you can copy and paste to duplicate. Duplicating columns is most often used when creating label combination columns.



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