Displaying the Movies on an External Monitor

When movies are not DV format, the only way to export full screen video to a recorder, burner, or projector/tv monitor is to use the video out port of the Apple computer. Plug in the external device using the DVI, Mini-DVI, or Video Out port on the computer. You may need to use a convertor cable to match the input of the external devices. With the hardware connected, follow these steps to enable the video to be exported.

  1. Open the Display preferences in the System Preferences of the computer. Click on the blue apple in the upper left corner of the screen, choose System Preferences from the menu.Fig 150
  2. Click on the Displays icon in System Preferences.
  3. In the Display preferences, click on the detect display button. This will export the desktop to the external device. The image will appear on the external device.Fig 142
  4. There are two ways to export using the display settings. The first is mirroring the desktop, so that what is on the main screen of the computer is presented. There is a check box in the display preferences that will turn mirroring off or on. The second is extended mode where a secondary monitor is available to use as another screen for video export. The secondary display position can be moved in relation to the primary screen in the display preferences.
  5. If mirroring is enabled, the exact image on the computer will be displayed on the secondary monitor. This is a common way to set this up as users tend to lose the mouse on the secondary monitor and find it difficult to manage two monitors especially when they are not side by side. If extending the desktop to a secondary monitor is used, an instance movie when presented in full screen will be exported in full screen to that monitor.



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