Overlay Movies

Overlay Two Instance Movies

Using the overlay feature you can take two instances and put them on top of each other to analyze the differences in the movies.

  1. Create two separate instance movies.
  2. Choose Overlay instance movies from the Windows menu in the main menu bar or press the shortcut OPTION+COMMAND+Y


Fig 81a and 81b are the 2 original instance movies in this examples. Fig 81 is those 2 movies in a overlay state.

Fig 81A    Fig 81B

Fig 81A                                                                                                        Fig 81B


Fig 81 Fig 81

Align Two Overlaid Instance Movies

  1. Create the overlaid movies as above.
  2. Press the SHIFT+OPTION keys, click in the movie frame and drag the top movie to align the area of interest with that of the second (lower) movie.
  3. When you play the movie the top and lower movies will stay in this aligned position.

Change Transparency Level of Movie Windows

Choose Reduce transparency or Increase transparency from the Windows menu in the main menu bar. Use the shortcut keys CONTROL+OPTION+9 or CONTROL+OPTION+0, by pressing these repeatedly you can vary levels.

Flip an Instance Movie

Fig 82   Fig 82A

Fig 82                                                                                                    Fig 82a
  1. Create an instance movie.
  2. Choose Flip movie horizontally from the Windows menu in the main menu bar. The movie frame will be flipped horizontally, so a left handed player appears as a right handed player would.



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