Editing Instances And Movies

Changing Row Name

Row characteristics such as row name and color can be edited by right clicking on the row name in the movie organizer and selecting edit row from the popup menu. Changing the row name for a title row will change the text in the title that is created.


  •  To move an instance to another row, click and drag instance to desired location.
  •  To create a new row click on the new row button in the movie organizer tool bar.
  •  To include or exclude rows from operations, select or deselect the tick box.
  •  To edit the in or the out point of an instance, select the instance and press the CONTROL+E keys. This will open the instance edit window. Make changes by pressing the arrows in the upper corners of the instance edit window.
  •  To delete any instance, highlight the instance and press the DELETE key.
  •  To drag and drop instances between movie organizer windows, select multiple instances in a movie organizer, hold down COMMAND+OPTION, click and drag from the selected instances and drop into another movie organizer window.
  •  This is a very useful drawing workflow feature. Send an instance to the movie organiser, selecting instance edit, find a point to split the instance, then from the Edit menu select “Split instance edit + new drawing row”. Draw on the clip using the drawing window, then click the organiser button in the drawing window to send your drawing clip to the movie organiser. When you then make a movie from the organiser the clip will play, pause for the drawing, then continue to play.



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