Transcribing Video

Now that we are familiar with the all the buttons and tools in the transcription window, let’s go through the process of transcribing from the beginning. Here are the steps using a timeline that has no coding:

  1. Open a timeline with a linked movie.
  2. Set the playhead to the desired start time in the timeline.
  3. Choose File > New > Transcription Window. A transcription window will open. To aid in organizing the windows, hold down CTRL and click on the timeline movie resize buttons in the bottom corner of the timeline movie. They look like 2 different sized rectangles. Both the Movie Timeline and the Transcription Window will resize to fit the screen.
  4. In the timeline, you should see the red and black looping markers at the start of the movie. If you do not, tick the check box below the movie time in the timeline. Drag, the left red marker to the desired start time if needed.
  5. With everything in place, press the button to insert a start time, the shortcut for this is CTRL+I. Now press the play button. The shortcut for play is CTRL+L. The movie will start to play and loop around between the black markers.
  6. Enter the speaker name by clicking in the speaker cell of the row or press TAB on the keyboard. Then, enter the utterance of the speaker in the transcription cell by clicking in the cell or using TAB to move into the cell.
  7. It is likey that the utterance is longer than 5 seconds, so we want to advance the loop to continue entering the whole phrase or thought. Click on the button or press F2 on the keyboard, F1 will move markers backward. The loop will jump forward 5 seconds and inputting can continue. Continue to advance the markers and transcribe until the loop is in the region you want to end the instance.
  8. While looping around the desired end time, press the button or CTRL+O at the moment you want the instance to end. After clicking on the button or keystroke, the end time will be set, the routine will jump down a line, set the start time for the new row using the previous end time and populate the speaker cell with the last speaker. So, all that needs to be inputted is a new speaker, the utterance and jump through the loops until desired end time. Repeat this pattern until transcription is complete.



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