Transcription in the Timeline

Transcription can be added directly to an instance in the timeline. This is designed to add information conveniently if the transcription window is not necessary. It is a good way to quickly add content that speaks to those viewing the movie or as a method to record special information regarding the instance. The transcription will appear in the text track at the bottom of an instance movie when text tracks is checked in the timeline tool bar.

Adding a Transcription to an instance

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 12.39.59 pm

  1. Select the instance in the timeline to add text to.
  2. Open the Edit transcription note window by pressing on the Text button in the timeline tool bar
  3. Add the text in the Edit instance window. When all the text is added, click on the red button to close the window and save the text.

The Edit instance window can be left open to easily add transcription text to an instance. Select any instance and the edit instance window will change to that instance. The text will be saved in the instance when the next instance is selected after adding the text. This makes adding text a quick job and saves on mouse clicks.

Viewing Transcription text in a movie

Enable transcription text in the timeline by checking the text tracks check box. When a movie is made from instances in the timeline, a text track will appear at the bottom of the movie window.

Setting the amount of lines of text displayed

Click on the lines drop down menu in the timeline tool bar. Select the number of lines of text that will appear in the movie at the base of the movie window. If there is a lot of text that is required to display, set this to match the lines required to display the text. Otherwise, the transcription text will adjust to scroll evenly throughout the length of the movie.



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