Navigation Between StudioCode Review Screens

In the StudioCode Review application there are two Operating Screens. These are the Report Manager and Report Player. You can navigate between them at any time by tapping a Code Report icon in the Report Manager to go to the Report Player; and from the Report Player tap the Reports button. 

2015-06-18 13.06.31



  • Report Manager you are able to sort Code Report files either by the time and date of their transfer or alphabetically. You may also arrange them in a list or a grid.
  • Code Reports may be deleted and the Code Report titles may be edited.
  • Open a Code Report in the Report Player by tapping on the Code Report icon.





In Report Player you are able to view the movie clips that the Code Report contains in the upper part of the screen. The contents of the Code Report File are listed in the lower part of the screen. A Code Report File may contain multiple movie files. Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.26.40 am

Each movie file may consist of multiple events. The player also supports multiple angle viewing as well as slow motion forward or reverse and fast forward or fast rewind. You may scroll the movie using the scrubber or jump from event to event.



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