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Code Reports may be transferred to a device running StudioCode Review via three methods:

Command Centre

You can only load Code Report file types to Review. A StudioCode package or .mp4 file will not download to StudioCode Review.

To create a Code Report, choose the instances in a StudioCode Timeline that you’d like to download to Player and click the Report icon on the timeline. Name the report and save it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.34.18 pm


The report button is located on the right side of the timeline. Export your Code Report from StudioCode to a destination file or to your Desktop.

If you intend to email your Code Report to a computer which does not have StudioCode installed, no compressing of the file is needed before attaching it to an email. Please remember some email systems will not allow you to send a large attachment therefore to zip or compress the file will be necessary.

Once the zipped file is received, double click the zipped file to uncompress the Code Report. The follow steps are outlined below on how to import the file into the StudioCode Review.




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