StudioCode Review – A Functional Overview

StudioCode Review and Sportstec Command Centre have been designed to operate on the Apple Operating System platform.

StudioCode Review is an iOS app designed for devices that play Code Reports exported by SportsCode Elite and Studiocode and row data & movies exported from SportsCode Pro & Gamebreaker Plus delivered via the Command Centre, Dropbox or via iTunes. The primary purpose of StudioCode Review is to provide a means for users of SportsCode and Studiocode to share reports containing  video (including multiple angles) videos to view on an iPad.

To transfer Code Reports, StudioCode Review will link either to the Command Centre, Dropbox or via iTunes. This manual describes the principles and techniques you need when using StudioCode Review.

StudioCode Review supports portrait and landscape screen orientation & auto orientation rotation.

The StudioCode Review application is downloadable from the iTunes App Store.



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